Bedok Hawker Centre

A Bedok hawker centre, also known as a prepared food centre, is a type of food court that originated in Singapore. They are often found across the city-state, near public housing complexes or transportation hubs, and house many vendors selling a variety of local and other Asian cuisines.
The Singapore government established the Bedok Hawker Centre as a more sanitary alternative to street-side outside alfresco hawker meals. Instead of mobile food carts, hawkers are given permanent stalls in open-air buildings, with clients sitting at either communal or stall-specific tables and chairs. Hawker licencing restrictions, which have effectively abolished street hawkers in Singapore, have aided this occurrence.
Following the rapid urbanisation of the 1950s and 1960s, Bedok hawker centres sprang up in urban areas. They were developed to solve the problem of unsanitary food preparation by unauthorised street hawkers in many cases. Due to the increased affluence of Singapore's metropolitan population, they have been less common in recent years. Food courts, which are indoor, air-conditioned replicas of Bedok hawker centres found in shopping malls and other commercial locations, are progressively replacing such sites.
Bedok hawker centre was considered a place for the less privileged in the 1950s and 1960s. Because of the frequent arrival of stray household pets and bugs, they earned a reputation for serving unsanitary cuisine. The operators of many Bedok hawker centres were inept, with many without running water and basic cleaning facilities. The government's pressure resulted in a significant improvement in sanitary standards.
This involves enacting licencing rules where a certain level of sanitation is required for the stall to function, as well as recognising and rewarding exemplary hygiene. An A is given for a score of 85 % or more, and a D is given for a score of 40 to 49 % passing criteria. On hawker stalls, these grades are required to be displayed. In Singapore, upgrading or reconstruction of the Bedok hawker complex began in the late 1980s and early 1990s.